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Compass App

In this tutorial we will access the Compass feature from PhoneGap. With this feature we can obtain the direction that the device is pointing to.

To demonstrate the use of this feature I built an application that acts as a Compass, it points to the North. This only works on the device.

End result:

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Getting started tutorial on how to develop portable mobile apps using web technologies

This is a first from a series of tutorials about how to develop portable mobile apps using web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. You will learn to develop Web application that can be packed into a binary app for mobile phone, so the purpose is to quickly build mobile phone apps with only Web technologies knowledge and those apps will be portable accross mobile platforms, at least at source code level.

develop portable mobile apps using web technologies

PhoneGap is a free open source framework which gives you access to native APIs.

I’m working on a Windows station, but this can also be done on Linux and OSX.

The main advantage to using web technologies with PhoneGap is that web designers and web developers can write HTML5, CSS and JavaScript code and still be able to build Apps for mobile devices without having to learn other programming languages such as C++, Objective C or JAVA. The best part is that you write code once and build for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone, WebOS, Symbian.

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