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June 28, 2012

Using an iPhone Developer License on Multiple Macs

by noise

Sometimes when developing iPhone or iPad applications you need to use multiple computers but you only have one license.
That license generated after signing a certificate request using a private key on first computer you used.
If you try to download the certificate from Apple’s iOS Provisioning portal on second computer you will
notice the certificate is not working for second computer. That’s because it was generated using first
computer private key.

To solve the problem we use first computer to save a .p12 file which contains private key of that computer.
On Finder go to
Applications -> Utilities -> Keychain Access.

There, go to your Private Key line and press Ctrl + Click.

Choose to save as Personal information exchange file.

Then copy the file to your second Mac and double click to install it.

Export Personal Information Exchange .p12 Apple Developer License

Export Personal Information Exchange .p12 Apple Developer License

Note that when exporting the file and importing on second Mac you will be prompted for a password. You can enter a password or leave the file with no password if you copy the file over a secure line/medium from first Mac to second Mac.

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