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August 10, 2015

Go to beginning or end of line in Xcode and other navigation tips

by noise

Here are some very basic navigation tips every programmer that works with Xcode must know and use them.

Tip 1. Go to the beginning or the end of line

Here is a quick tip: to go to the beginning of a code line in Xcode press:

Cmd + left arrow key

To go to the end of line press:

Cmd + right arrow key

Tip 2. Jump from word to word

To jump from word to word press:

Alt + left arrow key (to jump to left word)


Alt + right arrow key (to jump to right word)

Tip 3. Move cursor a page up or down

To move cursor one page up press:

Alt + Page Up key

To move the cursor one page down press:

Alt + Page Down key

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