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Posts from the ‘OSX Noise’ Category


Flush DNS Cache in OSX El Capitan

Here is how you flush the DNS cache on your OSX El Capitan machine:

sudo dscacheutil -flushcache; sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

To make sure that the cache is flushed you could also change your ISP’s DNS server to Google’s DNS: just for the time you do the tests.


Quick and Useless Tip: Display Apple Logo Character With a Shortcut

Press Alt + Shift + K to display apple logo in a text prompt.

I know, it’s kind of useless tip.


Check Your Grammar When Writing in Safari

This is very useful when you write a blog post.

You can check grammar from within Safari (or other OSX app like Mail for example) by enabling Grammar Spell Check.

To enable check spelling under Safari go to:

Edit -> Spelling and Grammar -> Check Grammar With Spelling

Then go to:

Edit -> Spelling and Grammar -> Show Spelling and Grammar

You might also want to disable autocorrect:

Edit -> Spelling and Grammar -> Correct Spelling Automatically


Reload a Page in Safari

If you are using Safari browser in OSX and you want to reload a html page you will notice F5 key that reloads a page under Firefox browser is not working on Safari.

To reload a page in Safari under OSX just press CMD + R keys.