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iPhone and iPad Resolutions

Here is a list with iOS Hardware Devices Resolution:

iPhone 3, 3S – 480×320 px at 165 ppi
iPod Touch (1-3 gen) – 480×320 px 165 ppi
iPod Touch 4 gen – 960×640 px at 330 ppi
iPhone 4, 4S – 960×640 px at 330 ppi
iPhone 5, 5S – 1136×640 px at 326 ppi (wider)
iPhone 6, 6+ – 1334×750 px at 326 ppi (wider)

iPad – 1024×768 px
iPad 2 – 1024×768 px
iPad Mini – 1024×768 px
iPad 3, 4 – 2048×1536 px

Here is a list with icon resolutions for each of those iOS devices:

iPhone 3, 3S – 57×57 px
iPod Touch (1-3 gen) – 57×57 px
iPod Touch 4 gen – 114×114 px
iPhone 4, 4S – 114×114 px
iPhone 5 – 114×114 px
iPad 3, 4 – 144×144 px
iPad Mini – 72×72 px
iPad 2 – 72×72 px
iPad 1 – 72×72 px


Disable Highlighting of a iOS App from XCode

If you do not like the highlighting added automatically to your iOS icon when you build an iOS app using XCode, you can disable icon highlighting by going (from XCode) to your project target -> Summary (tab) -> App icons (section) and there check Prerendered check box.

Note: If the app is still highligted just do a clean on the project and then rebuild your project and the highlighting will disappear.


Change Product Name of an iOS App from XCode

If you’ve created an XCode project but you want the app you build/compile to have a different name from your XCode project you can do that easily by going to project target -> Build Settings and there search for “product name“.

This will be found at Packaging section. Click on the name (which by default is the same as project name) to change it.

This is the easy way to rename / change the bundle identifier of an XCode project.


iPhone icon size for an XCode Project

If you want to create an icon for your iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) app you are developing, the icon must be of type .PNG and you will need to files, one icon of resolution 57×57 pixels (standard icon), and another file of resolution 114×114 (Retina Display icon)

To add your icon files select from XCode your project target and then click on tab Summary -> App Icons and drag your files there.