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December 2, 2014

Solaris Quick Tips

by noise

Here are some Solaris commands you might find useful.

ifconfig -a  # show network interfaces
ifconfig qfe0 netmask  # configure network interface
ifconfig qfe0 plumb up # activate network interface

If you want to make the change permanent after reboot create the following file: /etc/hostname.qfe0 Also we must add the new interfaces to /etc/inet/hosts file. If you want that card to be configured automaticall using dhcp you will also need to create /etc/dhcp.qfe0 file.

dladm show-phys  # show physical network interfaces
dladm show-link  # show link status for network interfaces
prtconf -pv  # show pci identification details for your hardware

From previous commands you will be interested in vendor-id and device-id. Then using those IDs look into /boot/solaris/devicedb/master file.

modload /kernel/drv/iprb     # load a kernel module
kstat -c net | grep net      # display kernel statistic related to the network
scanpci                      # list pci hardware
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