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June 28, 2012

Scale image with Gimp (tip)

by noise

You already know about Gimp, the best free, open source photo editing app.

If you want to know how to scale an image in Gimp, here’s a quick how to.

1. Load your image in Gimp. If you are in Windows you will open the file using Gimp menu. If you are in Linux you might just run from command line: gimp photo.jpg. Yeah gimp knows command line parameters.

2. Scale the image by clicking: Image -> Scale Image. Choose a new width or height and press Scale.

3. This step is optional. If you’ve scaled down the image and you are not happy with image sharpness, go to Filters -> Enhance -> Unsharp Mask. This will make your image sharper. Adjust parameters according to your need, if the image is too sharp, lower down Amount parameter.

4. Save the image by clicking File -> Save as menu option.

Tip: If you scale down an image you might want to apply a little sharp effect to that scaled down image. If you scale up (enlarge) the image you might want to apply a little blur effect. That’s the recommended approach to scaling images.

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