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June 28, 2012

Blender Shortcuts

by noise

For a 3D software such as Blender It is very useful to know keyboard and mouse shortcuts. Every Blender beginner should start learning those shortcuts first.

So here is a list of most useful Blender shortcuts:

Moving around the scene in Blender

Freely rotate the scene (move around the scene) – press and hold mouse wheel, then rotate the mouse
Zoom in or Zoom out the scene – rotate mouse wheel
Move the scene left or right – hold Ctrl key then rotate wheel
Move the scene up or down – hold Shift key then rotate wheel
Freely move the scene left or right, up or down – Hold down Shift key, press and hold mouse wheel, then move mouse
Do a precise zoom – press Ctrl key then press and hold mouse wheel, then move mouse up or down

Creating, selecting and deleting objects in Blender

Choose the point where the object will be created – click with left mouse button
Adding an object in BlenderShift + A, then choose the object that you want to be created.

Select an object – right click on the object that you want to select
Select multiple objects – hold Shift then right click on every object that you want to select
Select/Deselect all objects – press A

Delete selected objects/objects – press X

Copy selected objects – press Shift + D (D stands from duplicate) then click on the position where you want to place the newly copied objects.

Other Shortcuts

Display camera view – press numpad 0 key
Render frameF12
Render animation – Ctrl + F12

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