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Posts from the ‘Blender’ Category


Blender Shortcuts

For a 3D software such as Blender It is very useful to know keyboard and mouse shortcuts. Every Blender beginner should start learning those shortcuts first.

So here is a list of most useful Blender shortcuts: Read more »


Quick Introduction to Modeling in Blender

Here we are, for a second part of the Blender’s quick introduction. Today we’ll
throw an eye on how to create objects and modify them.

Ok, so, as you can see, when you open Blender you’ll see a cube. This is an editable
object that we can shape it to take whatever form we like. But, this is not the only
primitive/object we can build on it. If we press SHIFT+A, then choose Mesh, we can
choose from a list different kind of base primitives.

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